January 28, 2023

As the economy continues to concern us, conversations are being had about how to save money on a wide range of topics. From the high prices in your grocery aisles to planning a staycation rather than a week on a beach to saving money when heating your home, there is no shortage of things to discuss. When the conversations shift to saving money on your home heating bills, oftentimes the conversation turns to the advantages of upgrading to a Heat Pump. While many of us understand that converting our traditional HVAC system to an energy-efficient Heat Pump is a smart move long term, the thought of making the switch (and investment now) may make us pause.

Some people may pause because they don’t even know what a heat pump does and can’t understand how it can possibly replace BOTH the air conditioner and the heater. While there is a ton of information available, here is a summary:

Instead of burning polluting fossil fuels, heat pumps use electricity and refrigerants to pull heat from outside air, making them more than three times as efficient as fossil fuel furnaces for most of the year. They also work seamlessly in reverse to cool your home.

You can head to the WK Mechanical Website for more information. Below are some useful links:



NYS Clean Heat Program

New York State is encouraging people to make the switch by partnering with utility companies such as Central Hudson, Con Edision, NYSEG, and Orange & Rocklan to offer a rebate incentive. As a part of their current Clean Heat Program (www.nyseg.com), residents who convert to clean heat, cam receive as much as $14,000 in rebates depending on the size of your home and the type of system in which you invest. When you partner with WK Mechanical, a NYS Clean Heat Participating Contractor, we work with you through the entire process. Not only do we help you make the best decision regarding the best equipment to install in your home, but we also file the paperwork on your behalf which means you receive the rebate you qualify for instantly!


Federal Tax Credit

In addition to the instant rebate from your local utility company, you can apply for a Federal Tax Credit! Beginning January 1 homeowners can receive a tax credit equal to 30% of installation costs for the installation of a qualified heat pump, a maximum of $2000.


WK Mechanical cares about you and wants to help you make sure you have the right HVAC system for your family’s needs. Upgrading to a heat pump provides a lot of advantages including saving you money. If you want to set up a free In-Home comfort Consultation to talk more about the advantages of heat pumps and the clean heat program, we encourage you to give us a call at 845-342-8133.

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