August 4, 2022
Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own home. What do you do when one room is ALWAYS TOO HOT and another room is ALWAYS TOO COLD? We understand how frustrating that can be and we want to help!

The heating and cooling comfort pros at WK Mechanical offer free in-home comfort consultations. During this consultation, a member of the WK team will come to your home and listen to your concerns. We’ll then perform a complete analysis to identify your needs (including measuring your home to perform computer load calculations to correctly size your heating and cooling systems) and make recommendations to help you achieve total comfort. While we are there, if you have questions, ask! We love helping our customers understand more about their HVAC system.

Have you ever considered a heat pump?

One of the things we like to share with customers that are having trouble maintaining comfortable temperatures in a particular area of a home is that converting to a heat pump (or mini-split), gives you the ability to have zoned controls. A home that has multiple zones makes it easier for families to adjust the temperature so that every room in the home is comfortable! Another reason to consider a heat pump is that it provides energy-efficient, clean heat that is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus there are some great savings initiatives currently available including rebate programs and financing!

Or, you can just give us a call at 845-447-3347 and set up an In-Home comfort consultation! We look forward to hearing from you!
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