Trusted Local Sheet Metal Company

Trusted Local Sheet Metal Company in Orange County NYFor complete sheet metal services in Orange County, NY, reach out to WK Mechanical, Inc.. Our licensed and insured sheet metal company has been serving customers in Monroe, Middletown, Newburgh, and neighboring regions since 1945. We’re experts at making, installing, and repairing sheet metal ventilation systems and parts for property owners.

Our team is fully qualified to provide you with sheet metal products and installations to meet your parameters. We stay connected with our industry as a member of the ACCA and RSES. Our company is also a member of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce.

Customers appreciate our:
  • Professional service
  • Fast response times
  • Attention to detail
  • Up-front pricing

Ductwork You Can Depend On

For more than 50 years, our sheet metal company has been delivering custom commercial, industrial, and residential ductwork. We can repair, build, and install ductwork. For added convenience, customers can fax their sketches or place an order by calling our shop. We reduce production time and create top-quality products by using a state-of-the-art plasma cutter. In addition, we’ve built a unique, streamlined shop layout for faster production. You can rely on us for 24-hour turnaround times on most projects.

We offer ductwork designed to fit your project from start to finish. We’ll cut to your exact dimensions and tolerances every time. Each production run will be optimized for maximum use of materials. We can also add bends, cleats, flanges, seams, and insulation where required. Our team of fabricators is experienced at completing all types of fittings.

You can turn to us for:

Sheet Metal Designed by WK Mechanical

  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • Custom ductwork
  • Fabrications that meet SMACNA industry standards
  • State-of-the-art profile and nesting software

Reliable Custom Work Available

Our skilled designers can assist you with building fabricated fittings for many types of ducted projects. You’ll know the cost of your order before we begin the cutting process. Delivering ductwork cut to your specifications is a top priority for our team. We want you to be satisfied with the end results, so we’ll work closely with you to design the sheet metal products you require.

Our team is ready to serve your needs no matter what type of duct system you want. As a family-owned company, we enjoy exceeding the needs of our customers.

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Call WK Mechanical, Inc. today to learn more about the sheet metal services we offer in Monroe, Middletown, Newburgh, and the surrounding regions.