May 3, 2021


The New York Clean Heat Program is an amazing initiative offering significant rebates when you install an energy-efficient Heat Pump in your home or business. You can qualify for up to $14,000 in rebates when you participate but that is only one of the benefits of having a heat pump installed in your home!

With a Heat Pump, your monthly utility bills will be about 30% lower, they require minimal maintenance, they are quiet, and they are cleaner, safer, and healthier than furnaces that burn fuel!

The benefits of installing a heat pump are clear. We understand it’s a big investment and we wanted to share with you why you should choose WK Mechanical for your Clean Heat System installation. Take a look below to see what you get with WK!

  • We are here for you! Our family-owned and operated company loves getting to know our customers and building relationships with them.
  • We employ only professional, fully uniformed installers who treat our customer’s homes as if it was their own.
  • We Do It The Right Way! We strive to exceed all industry installation standards.
  • Our free consultations provide homeowners with an honest assessment of your home.
  • We take our time to customize the best system options to meet your needs, not what’s easiest and best for WK Mechanical.
  • We properly size your home using Manual J heating and cooling load calculations so that we can design the right system for your home.
  • Our extensive Clean Heat Program experience allows us to ensure our customers will receive the best investment for their home and comfort.
  • We work side by side with our customers to ensure you receive maximum rebates.
  • As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer and Lennox Premier dealer, we have relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers who know who we are and help us provide hassle-free service to our clients.
  • We file any necessary permits and submit the Clean Program application and complete all rebate paperwork to ensure you receive the maximum rebates available.
  • We are by your side through the entire process Clean Heat Program process.

If you are considering an upgrade for your heating and cooling system and want to find out more about energy-efficient Heat Pumps and The New York State Clean Heat Program, give us a call 845-342-8133! We can’t wait to get to know you better!

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