AC Repair in Kips BayIf you suspect you need AC repair in your Kip Bay, NY home, you’ll want to call WK Mechanical, Inc. right away. Minor problems may not bother you too much at first, but over time if your home is not cooling to the temperature you have it set at, you need AC repair. Procrastinating getting air conditioner repair on your system could turn into a disaster. A small issue could quickly become a major repair, that will be a lot more costly.

    How to Know if You Need Air Conditioner Repair

    Not quite sure whether you need AC repair or not? As a rule of thumb, we tell all of our Kips Bay customers that if they think something is wrong with their AC there probably is. We have worked with community members since 1945, and in that time we have learned that our customers have a pretty good intuition about major appliances in their homes. If something seems off, it probably is. Call the professionals at WK Mechanical, Inc. today for AC repair and we will find the issue that is going on with your system, and get it fixed and back to its maximum efficiency levels.

    Five signs you need AC repair in your Kip Bay home:
    • Odd noises
    • Odd odors or moldy odors
    • High humidity levels
    • Moisture or leaks near the AC system
    • Inconsistent cooling

    AC Repair in Kips Bay

    AC Repair in Kips BayWhen it comes to air conditioner repair, there is only one Kips Bay company that you want to call. At WK Mechanical, Inc. we are always on your side and will work hard to find the issue with your AC and get cool air back into your home. Our technicians are certified and licensed and capable of diagnosing and offering air conditioner repair solutions that will last. A family-owned business, WK Mechanical, Inc. has been offering services in the Kip Bay region since 1945, and we can tackle the toughest AC repair challenges with ease. If you are experiencing issues and need AC repair, we are the only company you need.

    Worried that your AC is making odd noises or smells? Contact WK Mechanical, Inc. today to schedule an air conditioner repair visit. We can also help with installation and maintenance. Are the cooler winter nights concerning you? Call WK Mechanical, Inc. to find out more about our furnace services.