AC Company in Kips BayFamily-owned and operated, WK Mechanical, Inc. in Kips Bay, NY is an AC company that believes in providing friendly, thorough, and comfortable AC service. We do this by ensuring that there is a live representative ready to take your phone calls 24/7 and by only sending out trained, licensed, and certified technicians. Since 1945 we have been the top choice for AC service in Kips Bay, and we plan to keep it that way.

    Experienced AC Service in Kips Bay

    Even the best-kept AC systems will need repair eventually, and when that time comes you need to call an AC company that can treat you with respect and offer you fast service. WK Mechanical, Inc. is proud to do both. We offer around-the-clock repair options because we know that cooling system don’t always break down during business hours, and we offer upfront pricing so that you always know what to expect in terms of cost.

    Four signs you need AC repair:
    • Odd odors
    • Odd sounds from your unit
    • Inconsistent cooling throughout your home
    • High humidity levels

    AC Company for Expert Installation

    AC Company for Expert Installation

    Even if you choose the Mercedes of AC systems, at some point it will break down and you will need to consider AC replacement. AC installation should always be performed by a qualified technician from an AC company. The proper installation of an AC unit heavily determines its lifespan and eventually the need for repairs. By choosing a well-established AC company, you can feel confident about your installation.

    Keep Your AC Strong with Annual Maintenance

    The best way to protect an aging system or preserve the integrity of a new AC is with an annual AC maintenance. Most manufacturers actually require annual maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid. During an AC tune-up, our technician will inspect your AC unit, thoroughly clean it inside and out, and lubricate all moving pieces. They will also check the refrigerant level and the fitler. This service not only keeps your AC running optimally for as long as possible, but it also provides peace of mind.

    Are you in need of AC service or worried that your AC is in need of attention? Call WK Mechanical, Inc. today to schedule service with our team! The winters can get cold in Kips Bay, prepare now by calling WK Mechanical, Inc.. We also offer a full suite of furnace services!