AC Installation in Kips BayIf you have never had an AC installation before in Kip Bay, NY, it is understandable to be unsure of how to proceed. At WK Mechanical, Inc. we have AC installation down to art which means that we streamline the process and make it as easy for our customers as possible. As part of the installation, our technicians will take a careful measurement of your home so they can recommend a new AC replacement that will properly fulfill your cooling needs. They will then schedule an installation date and take care of every aspect of the replacement for you. In addition, we offer upfront pricing so you know exactly what to expect and can be financially ready.

    Expert AC Replacement in Kips Bay

    Not sure if the time has come for AC replacement? In general, if you find yourself continuing to make repairs on an aging system then it may be time to make the leap. In the same way you wouldn’t continue to toss money at an aging car, you need to cut your losses at some point and go for AC installation. The good news is that newer systems are much more energy-efficient which means you should start to notice some monthly savings after an AC replacement.

    Four signs it is time for AC replacement in Kip Bay:
    • Aging air conditioner
    • Poor cooling performance
    • Expensive repairs on an old system
    • To save on energy costs

    Choose an Experienced AC Installation Company

    Choose an Experienced AC Installation CompanyAccurate AC installation plays a large role in the eventual lifespan of your AC unit, therefore, you need to go with a company that offers experience and knowledge. The NATE-certified technicians at WK Mechanical, Inc. have seen it all, which makes them extremely resourceful and able to properly size and measure homes to fit AC systems. While some homes in Kip Bay may have older architecture, we appreciate a good challenge and are always up for the challenge. In the last 65+ years, we completed AC replacement for many homes in the area and can guarantee a quick, efficient, and professional AC installation process.

    Is it time to start considering AC replacement? Contact WK Mechanical, Inc. so we can offer you some professional guidance on how to get ready for your new AC installation. Or call today for help with a repair service or to schedule maintenance. Is your furnace starting to age? We also offer furnace installation and replacement.