December 12, 2023
HVAC services

Every homeowner needs to care about energy efficiency. Doing so helps them save money, increase comfort, and become more environmentally responsible. When people think about winter heating, they often only consider their heating system. The HVAC unit in a home produces heat, but things like wall insulation, doors, and windows help the house retain that heat. Windows have a vital role in reducing heating and cooling costs. Windows that leak air because of age or damage will always reduce how well an HVAC system performs.

Increase in Costs

Windows do not need to have broken panes to become leaky. Insulated windows that look immaculate may have broken seals and can experience energy loss through the glass. Gaps or holes around the window frames, even small openings, can allow air to enter and leave the home. These issues can cause homeowners to experience an energy usage increase of as much as 30%. The problem may not only affect your budget but can also cause harm to the HVAC system.

Reduction of Comfort

Heat loss through windowpanes occurs because of conduction. Heat flows into cooler areas surrounding it to equalize the temperatures, so as an HVAC system operates, the heat that typically circulates through the home and keeps everyone comfortable will leak through the glass (among other areas of your home). Gaps around windows cause an additional loss of heated air. They allow breezes to blow inside and create uncomfortable drafts.

Temperatures will decline faster in a home with leaky windows and cause the heating system to run more frequently. Despite the frequent operation, the leaks will create drafts that cause discomfort. As more energy use takes place, the comfort level can continue to drop. The homeowner, in turn, pays more but does not gain any benefit from the expense.

Humidity levels can become another comfort concern. A heating system that operates constantly can cause the humidity level inside the home to drop too low. Overly dry air can cause people to feel uncomfortable. It can cause dry, itchy skin and nosebleeds, sinus discomfort, and dry throats. People become more vulnerable to colds and flu viruses, and allergies can worsen when this occurs. Overly dry air can also negatively affect wood furnishings and flooring, books, and artwork.

Potential for Damage

Leaky windows may cause Middletown and other Hudson Valley homeowners to mistakenly believe their drafty home or high heating costs are because of a faulty HVAC system. Regardless of the quality of the system and its size, a furnace cannot heat a home comfortably when freezing air constantly seeps inside. Even the best systems will eventually become overworked from the effort if the homeowner does not address energy loss throughout the home.

Leaky windows make the house colder than expected and lower temperatures sooner. The heating system will automatically turn on more often to keep the air at the desired temperature. Furnaces that run more often require more maintenance and repairs because parts wear out with use. Overuse can also cause systems to break down and need replacement. Homeowners experiencing this will likely spend more on every part of home heating, including fuel, electricity, and maintenance and replacement costs.

Assessment of Problem

Middletown homeowners struggling with higher energy costs or a less comfortable home can contact us. WK Mechanical, Inc. technicians can assess the HVAC system to ensure it is adequate for the size of the house and its heating needs. Additions or remodels can make a home more challenging to heat. Upgrading the heating system may resolve the issue. Annual maintenance and cleaning can ensure the furnace operates at its maximum efficiency. If the problem is not the HVAC system, homeowners may need to address gaps around window framing or replace their windows.

At WK Mechanical, Inc., we understand our Middletown clients want to feel comfortable and secure throughout winter. A reliable heating system that works effectively and efficiently is crucial. Its performance also relies on home maintenance. We offer complete heating and cooling services to help your family stay comfortable. Our maintenance and inspection services can determine what next step a homeowner should take to improve their energy usage without sacrificing comfort. We offer comprehensive water treatments and HVAC additions such as air purifiers and UV lights to improve indoor air quality.

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