February 25, 2023
Everyone wants their family to always remain comfortable but when any component of your HVAC system isn’t working properly, especially in extreme temperatures, that is nearly impossible. If you like to tinker around with tools and have a bit of knowledge on how HVAC systems work, you may be tempted to see if you can fix the problem yourself. While it is certainly possible to make a repair on your own, we would encourage you to leave these types of repairs to the professionals!


Well first, it’s safer. HVAC systems can be dangerous. It is not worth the risk to your home or yourself should something go wrong. Our technicians are experienced and have received specialized training, certifications, and licensing, to ensure that we can do the job professionally and safely.
Second, enlisting the help of a professional will come with guarantees. If something goes wrong, utilizing the services of a company like WK Mechanical, means that if something goes wrong during the repair, the company will stand behind their work. Additionally, if your system is still under warranty, it is highly likely that there are conditions that require all repairs to be made by a licensed technician.
Finally, a professional brings a valuable resource into your home so that your questions can be answered. If you been wondering about an odd noise your system is making, ask! We are easy to talk to and would be happy to answer any of your questions!

Are you ready to get some help with maintaining your HVAC system?

The best way to keep your system healthy is to have it inspected annually. An annual maintenance agreement will also likely extend the life of your equipment. We offer an annual maintenance program called the WK Comfort Club to help you do just that!
We offer comprehensive annual maintenance agreements for the following systems:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gas & Oil Heating Systems
  • Ductless Systems
  • Air Cleaners
  • Water Heaters
  • Humidifiers
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Kohler Home Generators
Signing up for one of our maintenance agreements makes you a member of The WK Comfort Club that offers additional benefits such as:
  • Priority Service
  • 15% Discount on repairs
  • 10% Discount on additional maintenance agreements
  • 1 Year parts & labor warranty on all repairs
  • Emergency Service at no additional charge
  • Discounted diagnostic charge
  • Customer assurance pricing
  • Inflation protection
  • Computerized scheduling
  • A fully transferrable agreement

The professional you need is WK Mechanical! If you need us, we are here. Call 845-342-8133, we can’t wait to speak with you!

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