February 16, 2022
Space Heaters in Middletown, NY

Safety Tips For Homes That Use Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a great way to help supplement heat inside of your home during the colder winter months. However, if not used correctly, space heaters can be dangerous in a residential setting. By following the safety tips that we’re going to go over below, you can drastically reduce your risk of a space heater malfunction.

Never Leave a Heater Unattended

The biggest safety tip that we have for you, when it comes to space heaters, is to never leave your space heater running unattended. Due to the fact that they produce a large amount of heat, they can be extremely dangerous if tipped over. While you can do your best to position your space heater out of the way, you can never predict when something may fall off the wall or off of a nearby table and knock your heater over.

Keep Your Heater on the Floor

Another vital rule to remember, when it comes to running your space heater, is that it should always be placed on the floor. You never want your space heater blowing right in your face. Setting it up on a shelf or a stool can seem like a good idea at first. However, it increases the risk that your space heater may be tipped over and start a fire.

Don’t Run Heaters in Wet Rooms

Electricity and water can create a deadly mixture. You never want to put your space heater in a room that has water, like your kitchen or bathrooms. Just the simple act of touching your space heater when your hands are wet from washing dishes can result in electrical shock. While you may think it’s okay to position a space heater in the bathroom as long as you don’t touch it, there’s always the possibility that it can fall over or you may slip into it. It’s best to leave your space heater in a room that is free from any water.

Give Your Heater Three Feet

A good rule of thumb to always practice, when you’re running a space heater, is to position it 3-feet away from any other object. This 3-foot radius helps to avoid any contact with flammable objects like curtains, furniture, pillows, papers, and even bedding. When it comes to objects like paint and matches, you should position them further away from your space heater. It’s important to remember that your space heater puts off a lot of heat, which can end up causing a fire if flammable objects are too close.

It Always Needs to Be Plugged Directly Into an Outlet

With many of us relying on a plethora of appliances throughout our daily lives, we’re all too familiar with extension cords and power strips. It’s easy to plug a space heater into an extension cord or power strip and not think twice about it. However, doing so can result in overloading a circuit, causing internal electrical damage to your home. It’s necessary to make sure that you always plug your space heater directly into the receptacle.

Invest in Safety Features

Many space heaters nowadays come standard with specific safety features to help make running them even safer for homeowners. One of the most in-demand safety features is overheating protection. This automatically shuts off your space heater when the internal sensor determines that it’s overheating to prevent a fire. A newer feature that some space heaters have is tip-over protection. An internal sensor inside these units will automatically shut them off if it senses that the units aren’t level.

Inspect Before Use

A good practice to get into is to regularly inspect your space heater before you put it in. You want to check the cord to make sure there are no frayed or exposed wires. Look over the entire housing unit, and make sure that it’s not cracked. You should never run your space heater if you notice any of the wires are frayed or that there’s a crack in the housing as this could increase your chances of having a house fire.

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