November 4, 2022

With winter on its way, it is a great time to make sure that your indoor environment provides clean air and water to everyone who enters your doors.

Did you know that WK Mechanical helps homeowners with whole-home water purification systems and air purification systems? Read on to find out more!


Air Purification Systems For Healthier, Cleaner Air!

A Whole-House Purification system can help make sure that with every breath you and your family take, you are breathing in cleaner, healthier air. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can happen for many reasons. There can be contamination from chemicals, an increased number of people being in your home for an extended time frame, or an HVAC system that is not sized properly or a system that not been properly maintained adequately. If you notice an excessive accumulation of dust, a constant unpleasant odor or mold and mildew, you may be experiencing poor Indoor Air Quality.

The Good News Is That An Air Purification System Can:

  • Destroy germs and bacteria. Adding a UV Light to your existing HVAC system or having a Whole Home Purification System installed can help you stop the spread of germs before anyone in your home gets sick.
  • Attack odors. A Ventilation System or Whole Home Purification System can help you keep healthy, clean air circulating throughout your home day or night.
  • Remove fine particles like pollen, dust and pet dander. A Carbon Filter or Whole-Home Purification System are both possibilities to help get rid of the fine particles in your home and have you breathing cleaner air in no time!
  • Get rid of excess moisture before mold and mildew can grow. A Dehumidifier or Whole-House Purification System will help keep the air in your home from making you stick, stopping mold and mildew in its tracks.


Water Treatment Solutions

For Fresh, Clean Water! Installing a whole-house water purification system means that water flowing to your sinks, showers, refrigerators and dishwashers is fresh and clean. WK Mechanical installs and maintains water softening systems that can effectively tackle the problem you may be having such as hardness. Instead of having individual filters for different faucets, this equipment can act as a filter for any water you use throughout your home.

More Good News, A Whole-House Water Purification System Can:

  • Provide better tasting water. A whole-house water purification system can help to remove impurities, leaving you with water that tastes delicious right out of your faucet!
  • Make your water safer. One of the greatest benefits of a whole-house water purification system is that it will make your water safer for your family. If you’ve dealt with high levels of iron in your water, you may have found that your children get rashes from it. A whole-house water purification system can help to make your water harmless.
  • Improve fixtures and appliances. Another benefit of a whole-house water purification system is that it can help prevent certain home fixtures and appliances from corroding or getting mineral deposits.

The WK Mechanical family cares about you and your family and wants to help you ensure that you and your family are comfortable! We offer a wide variety of solutions to improve your comfort including whole-house water purification systems and air purification systems. If you suspect that you might have an issue with either the quality of your water or air, the HVAC comfort pros at WK Mechanical would love to help! We’ll talk through your concerns and work with you to create a solution! Get in touch with us today!

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