June 9, 2020

From clipping coupons to cutting cable, everyone is looking for ways to save money. If you cringe every time you open your bill from the electric company, maybe we can help!  Below are a few ways you can look to save money on your Air Conditioning Bills.

  • Use ceiling fans – Installing ceiling fans throughout your home is one way to cool down using less energy than running your ac which means savings on your utility bills.
  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat is a great way to save some money because it lessens human error! Rather than having to remember to turn down your thermostat before you leave the house, and wait for your house to cool off after you get home, your new programmable friend will do it for you!  Savings have been reported to be as high as 30%!
  • Replace your air conditioning filters – Replacing your filters every few months is a great way to save on your energy bills.  When your filters are dirty it means your ac has to work harder to keep your home cool.  The harder your ac works, the more energy it needs.  The more energy it uses the higher your bills!
  • Grill – Don’t cook inside, which generates a lot of heat making your ac work harder to keep your home cool.  Instead take advantage of nice weather and do your cooking on the grill!
  • Have Your AC Serviced – An ac system that is clean, has proper levels of refrigerant with all connections secure runs more efficiently so schedule your ac for service and you’ll keep your energy bills lower.
  • Hang out on lower floors – Heat rises so as much as you are able, hang out on the lower levels of your home.
  • Check your windows – There are several steps you can take to keep energy from escaping through your windows.  First, if you own an older home, you might want to consider replacing the windows to a more energy efficient model.  Second, you should check the seals around your windows to make sure that you are not letting air escape through the gaps.  Finally, summer sunshine may be letting some heat in a room with large windows.  Consider planting a shade tree or hanging some blackout curtains or shades to help cool the room down.

WK Mechanical would be happy to help you save some money on your utility bills, if you have not serviced your ac in quite some time, consider giving us a call.  A member of our team will be standing by to set up an appointment!

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