June 7, 2021
AC Summer Preparation in Middletown, NY

The high temperatures during the summer session are unbearable, especially when you have to spend the day in a house. Typically, preparing your air conditioning unit before the summer season sets in will help you avoid any system failure or inadequate cooling.

A properly maintained AC unit will help you enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time at your home during the summer season. Be sure to check your cooling system once you realize any issues with its cooling efficiency. Hiring an air conditioning professional might be a better option when preparing your air conditioning for summer. However, there are a few main areas to examine at the start of each summer season.

Check the Air Filters

All air conditioning systems have filters to help block air particles and dust that may damage the AC unit if allowed to get through. With clogged air filters, your cooling system will be working excessively hard to attain the desired temperatures for your home.

Some systems have air filters that you can wash, and others use replaceable filters. Be sure to check the user’s manual before replacing or cleaning the air filters. In addition, make sure that you replace the air filters if you notice any wear or tear. This will help you prevent the dust from getting into the system. Dust can cause considerable damage.

Inspect the Evaporator Coil

The function of the evaporator coil is to absorb the heat from warm air collected around your house. After cooling the air, the blower helps in distributing the air back inside. Therefore, it’s essential to inspect them for effective cooling once the summer season sets in.

You can use a soft brush to get rid of the accumulated dust while applying gentle pressure. If you don’t feel confident enough to check on your air conditioner evaporator coils, be sure to contact WK Mechanical, Inc. technicians. Our technicians are well-trained to handle all your cooling needs. We will help you get rid of all dirt or mold growth that could lead to ineffective cooling.

Inspecting the Air Vents

Blocked air conditioning vents will prevent effective cooling of your house during the summer season. As you prepare your AC unit for the summer, be sure to eliminate any things that obstruct your vents.

Take time and move to every room in your house, confirming that the vents are free from any blockage, including the furniture. Remember that a blocked vent will overwork your air conditioning unit, which will result in increased energy bills.

Additionally, be sure to clean your vents from any accumulated dust because this could also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to remove dust from the vents.

Check Your Drainpipes

The drainpipes are exit paths for the moisture and condensation created in the evaporator coil. If blocked, water from the drainpipes can cause considerable damage to your home. It’s crucial, therefore, to make sure that you inspect any blockage and fix it.

Unblocking the drain lines might be challenging, and if you’re not familiar with AC unit maintenance, hire an expert from WK Mechanical, Inc.. Additionally, be sure to replace the blocked drain lines.

Inspect the Ductwork

Ducts are the pathways for your home cooling air. They are usually crucial parts of your air conditioning system. For the visible details of your ducts, check for any damage signs, and, at the bottom, inspect for rust.

If there are some damage signs with your ductwork, be sure to call a technician from WK Mechanical, Inc. for repair. Leaking ductwork will cause your AC unit to work for a long time to achieve the set cooling levels. With proper repair, you will be able to enjoy a comfy stay at home during the summer.

Check for Any Refrigerant Leakage

Another crucial element of preparing your air conditioning for summer is by looking for any refrigerant leaks. Bear in mind that refrigerants are usually toxic and, hence, not good for your health. Insufficient refrigerant levels lead to ineffective cooling. Having professional technicians inspect your AC unit for any leak might be the best option since they will have the proper tools to perform the test.

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