January 9, 2024
Furnace maintenance in Middletown, NY

Furnaces are a popular choice for heating in Middletown, NY. Gas-fired furnaces burn at high temperatures to deliver rapid, reliable, whole-house heating. However, to get the most from these appliances while curbing their heating costs, homeowners must properly maintain them. Read on to find out how caring for your furnace could save you cash.

Sidestep Costly, Out-of-Pocket Repairs

All new furnaces come with manufacturer’s warranties. However, unlike many other product warranties, these warranties can last for decades. For instance, your gas-fired furnace likely came with a limited parts warranty that lasts between five and 10 years. Most gas-fired furnaces also come with separate warranties on their heat exchangers that last between one and two decades.

Throughout the duration of your furnace manufacturer’s warranty, you’re required to adhere to the terms of this mutually binding agreement. To limit their spending on repairs, HVAC equipment manufacturers require homeowners to schedule annual maintenance service and perform routine filter changes. Failure to comply with these demands could cause your warranties to be voided outright. You could also contend with frustrating claims denials or delays and wind up paying for defective parts or assembly-related problems out of your own pocket.

Regular Maintenance Protects More Than Just Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you’re lucky, your furnace has multiple forms of protection. Just as warranties pay for assembly-related issues and problems caused by defective parts, home insurance plans pay for furnace replacement or repair costs resulting from covered perils and events. Many comprehensive home service agreements will even pay for certain forms of wear-related damage. However, the policy documents and warranty contracts for these benefits usually stipulate that homeowners must schedule regular furnace maintenance.

How Annual Maintenance From a Licensed HVAC Company Can Save You Money

Beyond protecting your warranties, annual maintenance from a licensed HVAC company can make your furnace more efficient. In areas with cold winter climates, heater use often accounts for as much as 50% of the average energy bill. Increased efficiency limits energy waste and allows furnaces to provide more heat with less fuel. Simply scheduling this appointment before winter starts will leave you with more manageable overhead costs throughout the cold season and a far more comfortable living environment overall.

During annual furnace maintenance, our technicians calibrate thermostats and ensure that they’re ideally located. We clean furnaces both inside and out, replace their or damaged components, and check their venting systems. We also:

  • Test all failsafe measures and safety features
  • Check combustion chambers and heat exchangers for cracks
  • Clean air intake valves
  • Clear condensate lines
  • Inspect and maintain exhaust vents

In homes with fuel-combusting appliances, scheduling annual furnace maintenance is also a chance to have all hard-wired carbon monoxide (CO) detectors inspected and tested.

Cleaning furnaces eliminates built-up debris that might otherwise hinder the flow of air, cause stress, and lead to uneven and inefficient heating. By lubricating moving parts, optimizing blower motors, and reversing as much accumulated wear as possible, we help homeowners avoid mid-winter heating emergencies, extend the lifespan of their heating equipment, and prevent costly repairs.

Ductwork Inspections

Inspecting ductwork is also part of annual furnace maintenance. We check for loose connections, ragged, torn, or perforated ducting, and other air leaks. Without these assessments, you might run your furnace all winter long and still have a chilly building interior. Loose ducting often deposits heated air behind drywall, in attic and basement areas, or in crawlspaces. With a well-maintained air distribution system, your furnace can get its job done in less time and with far less fuel and effort.

Routine Furnace Filter Changes and Their Impact on Your Spending

Among the most common causes of furnace breakdowns are airflow obstructions. Surprisingly, these usually exist at furnace filters. Thick, mat-like accumulations of dirt and other debris force furnaces to work harder. Over time, dirty filters can cause your furnace to overheat, short cycle, or shut down. They also create the risk of dangerous furnace fires. To save cash and keep your household safe, inspect your furnace filter monthly and change it as needed, every 30 to 90 days.

Enjoy High Indoor Air Quality and Sidestep Annoying Symptoms

Regular furnace filter changes and annual furnace maintenance can also give your indoor air quality (IAQ) a boost. In winter, when homes are sealed tight and furnaces are running all of the time, IAQ improvements can mean the world to residents with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments. Properly caring for your furnace can mean less sneezing, wheezing, and eye irritation for everyone in the building. It can also mean less spending on prescription and over-the-counter medications for alleviating IAQ-related symptoms.

Since 1945, we’ve been proudly serving Middletown, NY and the greater Hudson Valley area. We offer top-notch heating, cooling, water quality, and indoor air quality services. We also offer generator services, home comfort consultations, and preventative maintenance plans. Contact WK Mechanical, Inc. now to schedule an appointment.

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