December 15, 2021
Adopt-a-Child Holiday Drive in Middletown, NY

With the weather getting colder and the holiday season in full swing, many charitable institutions that help and support children are holding gift drives. The Children’s Home Liberty Office is hosting an Adopt a Family program that allows caring individuals, families, and businesses to donate gifts and support struggling families so they can fully experience the love and care of the holiday season. WK Mechanical, Inc., a local HVAC company, is participating in the program and spreading seasonal cheer by granting “adopted” children many wishes and adding them to a festive Christmas tree to encourage others to donate and do their best for others in the area.

Who We Are

WK Mechanical, Inc. is a local heating and cooling company in Middletown, New York. We are family owned and operated, offering dependable services to those who live in and around Orange County. Our company provides a variety of professional services from testing the air quality in the home to checking and providing maintenance for residential and commercial HVACs. We have certified technicians who guarantee the estimate they give will be the final price paid once the job is done. WK Mechanical, Inc. will dispatch technicians to solve your heating/cooling issues no matter the time or day of the week. We strive to meet your service requests when you need help the most. Our local company cares deeply for the community and we show our support and dedication in community service projects.

Adopting a Child

Our quality HVAC company “adopted” a child through the Children’s Home Liberty Office Adopt a Family program, bringing holiday cheer and joy to a child who needs it at difficult times in their life. As the employees of WK Mechanical, Inc. continue to fulfill their “adopted” child’s wishes for toys and other gifts this season, they will be adding printed slips of the wishes to a decorative Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday and the spirit of giving. This tree will encourage others to give what they can to struggling local families. We consider this to be an amazing experience that every capable family should consider participating in to bring kindness and goodwill to deserving children.

The holidays can be a hard time emotionally for families struggling to pay bills who still want to give their children a wonderful seasonal experience. Everyone deserves to experience the special love and goodwill of the holidays, and the Adopt a Family program can be a great way to give back to the community and help a struggling family have a great holiday. Gifts and donations can also be given to the Children’s Home Liberty Office to be appropriately distributed to families in need. If every capable family gives a little this season, many more children can wake up to gifts below the tree.

Toy Drives

Toy drives are a great way to maximize helping the community while requiring very little from each individual donator. If many members of the community donate a few toys or resources they don’t need, those donations can be used to help several families who wouldn’t have access to them otherwise. Food, shelter, and other necessities are a must for struggling families, and they often have no choice but to prioritize safety over unnecessary gifts. Donators like our employees at WK Mechanical, Inc. help these parents give their children a better holiday. In addition, more families can experience the love of a community.

The Children’s Home Liberty Office drive allows families to “adopt” a struggling family and grant a unique child the gifts they really want. This adds more humanity and attachment to the donation process than the average gift drive. Instead of donating a gift that may or may not be liked by a lucky child, this Adopt a Family program allows well-off families to expand their household during the holiday season. They can get to know a child and their family through what they ask for and what will make them happy. This program gives families and businesses like WK Mechanical, Inc. the gracious chance to better feel the compassion and spirit of the holiday season.

Spread the Love

As the nights get colder and families begin or finish their regular Christmas shopping in Middletown, NY, consider buying gifts for struggling local families in the community. Every donated gift can make a huge difference to families in need. There are drop-off locations that can be added to the regular errand schedule during the day or families can take the time to participate in the Adopt of Family program. Follow WK Mechanical, Inc. example and give a struggling family the opportunity to have a fantastic holiday this season. And, we are only a phone call away when you need heating/cooling services or even water treatment service.

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