AC Maintenance in Sullivan County, NY is crucial if you want to keep your system in excellent condition. Your home’s AC system is a major investment. It’s also critical for your comfort when the summer heat arrives. However, an AC system won’t keep working well without regular maintenance. From time to time, you need an AC tune-up to restore your system to peak operating efficiency. Maintaining your existing HVAC system is imperative to avoid the reality of a new air conditioner installation.

    This will also help to avoid any mechanical problems that can become costly breakdowns in the future. Regular maintenance lets you rest easy, knowing that your AC can handle the heat when temperatures soar.

    Sullivan County, NY. Air Conditioner Maintenance

    There are a variety of reasons that you should schedule regular AC Maintenance appointments for your AC system. One of them is that doing so will extend the useful life of your AC. While a well-maintained central AC system can last up to 20 years, a neglected unit may only last half as long. Plus, regular tune-ups can help your AC run as efficiently as the day you bought it. At a time when energy prices continue to rise, this is a critical way to keep your home’s operating costs low.

    Regular air conditioner maintenance comes with a variety of benefits.
    • Reduced repair needs and costs
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Maximized AC lifespan
    • Lower utility bills

    You should also know that regular maintenance is a condition of most AC warranties. So, when you purchase a new AC system, periodic maintenance ensures your protection in the case of premature system failure. When that happens, your AC manufacturer will insist on seeing the service records for your system. If you haven’t met the maintenance requirements specified in your warranty, the manufacturer might refuse to honor it. You could be stuck paying for repairs that the manufacturer would have otherwise covered.

    Periodic AC maintenance can also help minimize the environmental impact of your home’s AC system. This is especially true for older systems that rely on the banned refrigerant R-22 (aka freon). When those systems develop leaks, they can pose a threat to the environment because their refrigerants help accelerate climate change. Freon is also hazardous to your health.

    Even newer systems that use refrigerants like R-410a can develop leaks. While not nearly as harmful, R-410 can also damage the environment. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC technician will inspect your system for refrigerant leaks and other issues. When caught early, they can be fixed before they affect your AC’s performance, the environment, and your health.

    Affordable AC Tune-Up Sullivan County, NY.

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    So, for all of your AC maintenance needs in Sullivan County, contact WK Mechanical, Inc. and leave the rest to us.