We’re the place to turn when you need AC Installation in Sullivan County, NY. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your home’s AC system to improve energy efficiency or your existing AC is nearing the end of its useful life, we can help.

    First, our team at WK Mechanical, Inc. can help you to choose the new AC system that best fits your needs. Then, our expert HVAC technicians can install your new system with minimal disruption to you and your home. We pride ourselves on offering the finest AC services anywhere in the area, and we’d love to be your go-to home comfort partner!

    Sullivan County Air Conditioner Installation

    There are a variety of reasons why you might want a new AC for your Sullivan County home. For example, you may want to invest in a new unit if your existing system is experiencing frequent failures and you’re sick of the mounting repair costs.

    You may also be tired of watching your summertime energy bills continue to rise, and you’re looking to put a stop to it. No matter the reason, there are some great benefits you’d get from installing a new AC system in your home.

    Newer AC systems feature advanced technology that improves their longevity. They also feature next-generation refrigerants that pose less of a risk to our fragile environment. Any way you look at it, a new AC would be superior to your existing one in every way.

    You can expect your new AC system to deliver multiple excellent benefits:
    • Greater energy efficiency
    • Quieter operation
    • Improved comfort
    • Enhanced reliability
    • Lower ongoing repair costs
    • Minimized environmental impact

    Also, when you choose our AC service to handle your AC replacement, we’ll make sure to reevaluate your home’s cooling needs. So, if anything about your home changed since you had your existing system installed, we’ll account for it.

    Whether that means rebalancing your ductwork to guarantee proper airflow throughout your home or altering your home’s ductwork to ensure your comfort, we’ll take care of it. That way, you’ll get every bit of comfort out of your new system that you expect and deserve.

    You should also know that as of the beginning of 2023, the minimum efficiency standards for new AC systems increased. Here in Sullivan County, this means you now can’t purchase an AC with a SEER rating below 14.

    This all but guarantees that you’ll see substantial energy cost savings with your new AC system, depending on the age of your current one. For example, if your current AC is nearing 20 years old, you might see efficiency gains of up to 28.6% just by purchasing a minimally efficient unit. And if you opt for one of today’s most efficient AC models, you’ll see savings well above that.

    Expert AC Services Team

    Since 1945, WK Mechanical, Inc. has offered quality AC services throughout Sullivan County. We’re a family-owned and -operated business that prioritizes customer satisfaction in all we do. Plus, we offer upfront pricing and written estimates before we do any work.

    And even if something about you’re your installation job changes after our NATE-certified technicians get started with the work, we’ll stick to our estimate no matter what!

    So, for AC installation in Sullivan County, trust WK Mechanical, Inc. and call us today.