March 17, 2022
Spring in Middletown, NY

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means. The temperatures outside will soon start to rise, the humidity will increase, and the air will be filled with pollen. So, to keep your household nice and comfortable over the next few months, you’re going to need your AC unit to run smoothly and efficiently. Fortunately, with a bit of strategic spring cleaning, you can help make sure that your cooling system is provided with the proper environment to maintain a stellar performance.

1. Clean Your Vents

Over time, contaminants like dust, dirt, and dander will naturally accumulate in your home’s air vents. During spring, quite a bit of pollen is added to this equation, meaning your vents are likely to become even dirtier than usual. If one or more of your vents become clogged up with contaminants, your AC unit will require more air pressure to push cool air through them and into your living area. That will hamper the efficiency of the appliance and increase its wear and tear. Plus, many of those irritants will get cycled into the air, and you’ll end up breathing them in.

During your spring cleaning, visit each air vent and remove the protective panel with a screwdriver. Then, cleaning the interior will be as simple as getting in there with a vacuum cleaner extension hose.

2. Clean Your Air

While your AC unit’s air filter will catch many of your house’s airborne contaminants, you don’t want to rely too heavily on it. With so much pollen floating around during spring, that filter can quickly become dirty or clogged. As a result, your air conditioner will struggle to circulate a sufficient amount of cool air. However, if you install one or more air purifiers in your home, they’ll trap a large percentage of the pollen and other pollutants found in your indoor oxygen. That way, you’ll be breathing easier, and your cooling system will be running more smoothly throughout the spring.

3. Clean Your Ductwork

Your AC unit will provide far better results this spring if it has clear, open pathways to distribute air around your house. However, if you neglect your ducts and allow dust, dirt, mold, and random debris to build up inside of them, it will make your cooling system’s task much more difficult. Dirty air ducts will not only worsen your home’s indoor air quality, but they’ll also obstruct your air conditioner’s route for air circulation. That will lead to increased cooling costs, uneven household temperatures, and an increased risk of mechanical failure for the appliance. Ideally, professional duct cleaning should be a yearly occurrence for your household, and spring is the perfect time to schedule one.

4. Clean Your Home

The fewer contaminants that are present in your home, the easier it will be for your AC unit to operate smoothly. If your house’s surfaces are coated with dust, dirt, pollen, and dander, many of those particles will inevitably get picked up and cycled into your cooling system’s circulation. They’ll clog up the system’s air filter, settle inside of your ducts and vents, and even gunk up the inner workings of the air conditioner’s equipment. Ultimately, having a cleaner household will allow your AC unit to perform more efficiently and effectively throughout the spring and summer.

Try to schedule a thorough house cleaning each month going forward. Start by taking a damp rag and wiping down all of the hard surfaces in your home, such as the counters, tables, chairs, and non-carpeted floors. Additionally, you’ll want to take all of the pillows, rugs, and mats outside. There, you can shake them out and beat them together to remove all the dust, dirt, and debris.

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