April 4, 2021


You can lose power for a multitude of reasons including anything from a downed power line to a weather emergency. Whatever the reason, generators are a great thing to have when the power goes out! Purchasing a generator for your own home may seem a luxury, but let’s look at why a generator could benefit you.


Weather experts like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) agree that single and multi day severe weather instances are on the rise. With changing climates, comes increased snowfall, hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes. These events have the potential to not only create billions in damage but also cause local power outages that last several days.


The more prepared you are to manage a power outage from home, the easier it will be to stay home and ride out the situation. No matter the emergency, (a blizzard, ice storm, or hurricane), it is safer for everyone if you stay home and not attempt to get out on the roads. A generator makes hunkering down and staying put a much more comfortable experience.


Below are several reasons to consider investing in a generator:


  • If a family member relies on medical equipment that runs on electricity, it will have power
  • If you have a basement, you can continue to run a sump pump even when the power is out
  • The food in your refrigerator will not go bad
  • Your well pump and any water filtration system will continue to run
  • You could receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance


Generators aren’t just for hospitals and large corporations, many people are choosing to add a generator as part of their emergency preparedness plan. In the event of a power outage, a generator will run the critical equipment in your home, which will ensure you and your family, will ride out the outage safely. You can choose to invest in a large generator that would supply power to your entire home, or a smaller one for which you would select the specific areas of your home that you would like to supply power. If you would like more information on adding a generator to your home, please give us a call! WK Mechanical is proud to install standby generators for our neighbors throughout Orange County.

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