July 29, 2021
Thermostat Settings in Middletown, NY

If you’re confused about which thermostat setting to select, your first decision is whether you want to heat or cool your indoor air. Next, you’ll be choosing a temperature setting and an operational setting. Certain settings are more energy-efficient to run and can support the never-ending quest for lower utility costs. Other settings can help you keep your equipment in good condition for a longer period of time.

In this article, you’ll find guidelines that address the different setting choices you have available. This general information will get you started. However, it’s important to read through the manufacturer’s manual and specifications before operating your specific make and model. Each thermostat manual will cover additional details about safely running your indoor air system.

Manual and Programmable Temperature Control

Thermostat makers offer a variety of styles, so each homeowner can select the best one for their needs. Manual and programmable thermostats are the two most common style choices.

A manual thermostat will only operate when you start the system by hand. This will require the user to select a temperature setting and a mode setting. To turn off the unit completely, you must return to the thermostat and flip the setting to the OFF mode. Programmable thermostats operate from a set of instructions you enter into the device. These thermostats turn themselves on and off and meet temperature requirements according to the program you decide to run.

Best Thermostat Setting Each Season

The United States Department of Energy states that 68 degrees is the best thermostat setting to use during the winter. They also say that 78 degrees is the right thermostat choice for the summer months. Both temperature settings are suggested for periods when you are at home and awake.

Turning your temperature settings back 7-10 degrees for at least eight hours every day can reduce energy costs by up to 10%. During the summer, turn the temperature 7-10 degrees above 78 degrees during the night or when you are at work. In the winter, set the temperature 7-10 degrees below 68 degrees while everyone is asleep or away from home. A programmable thermostat is ideal for managing these recommendations because they allow temperature changes to happen while you are away. You can then cool or heat your house to a comfortable level before you walk in the door.

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Automatic Operation Mode

The AUTO mode option alerts the system to cool or heat the air to the chosen temperature. When the temperature you have selected is reached, the fan is turned off. This is the setting to choose when you want an energy-efficient response from your system. Because the fan automatically shuts off, there is less energy used, and your utility bills are less likely to spike.

Using the ON Setting

To keep the fan running after the selected temperature has been reached, choose the ON mode. With this setting selected, the air will no longer be heated or cooled, but the fan will continue to blow.

People who like to feel the air circulating around them will enjoy this setting. Using it can also cause less wear and tear on your equipment. However, your energy bill can increase from the continual operation, and the air filter will need cleaning more often. In addition, hot and cold spots can happen quickly without the heating and cooling mechanism operating.

Using the FAN Mode

During seasonal transitions, the fan may be all you need to remain comfortable. Choose the FAN or FAN ONLY mode for general air circulation. No temperature or thermostat settings are required to run the fan by itself. To get better circulation, open a few windows to draw in air through your home. Ideally, opened windows should be on the opposite side of the house from the main supply vent.

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