March 28, 2023
Poor indoor air quality can happen for many reasons. While you could be facing contamination from chemicals or construction materials, most of the time, poor air quality is the result of everyday things inside your home. Your comfort is our biggest priority so we thought we would offer some thoughts on things you can do to improve your indoor air quality!
1. Change Your Air Filters – A clean filter reflects the air you are breathing. If you rarely change your air filter, it is no longer able to perform the function of cleaning your air effectively. Think about it, even when the filter is full, air is still being pushed through. Dirty particles are going to circulate throughout your home. We recommend changing your air filters every 90 days.
2. Add UV Lights To Improve Indoor Air Quality – Ultraviolet or UV Lights have been used for decades in commercial spaces to help disinfect the water and air. Today UV technology is often used to improve the indoor air quality in homes. Installing a UV light is one way to ensure that the air you and your family and friends breathe is as healthy as possible.
3. Whole Home Air Purification Systems – A whole-house purification system can make sure your family is breathing cleaner, healthier air. It can also help to attack odors, and remove fine particles like pollen, dust and pet dander.
4. Whole Home Dehumidifiers – Excess moisture and humidity can make air feel uncomfortable and promote the breeding of mold and mildew. Adding a whole home dehumidifier helps to control moisture and reduce allergens.
If you suspect an issue with the quality of air in your home, we can help! Head to our website for more information!
The good news is that WK Cares and is ready to help! We offer a wide variety of solutions to handle the challenges that create poor indoor air quality. If you suspect an issue with the quality of air in your home, an HVAC professional can speak with you about the signs of indoor air quality you are seeing or the symptoms you are facing and create a solution to ensure that the air you and your loved ones are breathing is as clean as it can be! Head to our website for more information!
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