June 13, 2020

Old houses are challenging to heat and cool. Older homes also lack the infrastructure needed to accommodate a modern cooling system, which means you can’t always add updated units to cool old houses. However, you can rely on professional HVAC technicians at WK Mechanical, Inc. for information about cooling options for your residence. In the meantime, here’s a look at some tips for the best ways to cool older homes.

1. Use a Fan

A fan is an efficient way to cool an older house. For only 2 to 5 cents per hour, you can make your room a few degrees cooler. You can install a ceiling fan in frequently used rooms, too. A whole-house fan is also energy-efficient and saves you money.

2. Put in Sun Blockers

Rooms facing the sun let heat into your home. Windows allow about a quarter of summer heat to get through. You should add curtains and blinds to rooms that get direct sunlight. A well-insulated space will gain less heat from the outside. You should also keep the blinds closed during the day.

3. Plant Shade Trees

Planting a tree in the right position can bring comfort to your residence. Trees usually block direct sunlight from reaching your home. Your property can also get more beauty and color from the trees. Tall shrubs and vines should be planted for quicker results.

4. Practice “Texas Cool”

Mornings and evenings are usually characterized by cool temperatures. The “Texas cool” practice takes advantage of this situation. This involves opening a window at night and placing a fan in front of it to draw the cool air in the house. You should then shut the windows in the morning to keep the heat away. This method can be effective in older homes.

5. Get Cool Lights

Light bulbs produce heat in the house while they’re in use. During the hot summer, this heat increases room temperature. However, incandescent bulbs produce a low amount of heat. Compact fluorescent bulbs emit less heat. They also use less energy and will help you save on your electric bills. Thus, these lights are appropriate in older homes.

6. Repair Ducts

Leaky ducts can affect your air conditioner’s efficiency. Ductwork repairs must be done safely and efficiently. Areas like the brunch ducts and where ducts attach to outlets are most prone to leakage. You should also insulate your ducts with a fiberglass blanket.

7. Seal Air Leaks

Hot air enters your older home mostly through the basement, crawl spaces, and the attic. Warm air is often accompanied by high humidity. This air can make your residence very uncomfortable. The best way to seal these leaks in an older home is with expanding foam insulation and silicone caulk.

8. Install Attic Insulation

The attic is the highest point in your house. The temperature in the attic is usually high during the summer. By installing proper insulation in this area of your home, you can keep the temperatures down.

9. Work Smart

Doing home chores can be tiresome. You should ensure that you don’t heat your older house while working at home. Appliances like ovens, laundry machines, and dishwashers emit a lot of heat. A smart idea would be operating these machines during the evening while it’s cooler.

10. Repaint Your Home

Some colors absorb the light, while others reflect it away. Dull colors absorb and store heat. Therefore, you should repaint your property with a light, bright color that reflects the sun’s heat. The roof should also reflect the sunlight away from your home. This will help to cool your older home.

11. Dehumidify

Running a dehumidifier can help to cool your older home. Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity levels in the air, and this makes the air feel lighter. You also won’t feel as weighed down by the humidity. It’s recommended that you purchase a portable dehumidifier to help cool your residence.

WK Mechanical, Inc. Can Offer Advice

Having an older home is a beautiful thing, and you can make the best effort to stay comfortable. WK Mechanical, Inc. provides top heating and cooling services in Middletown, NY. We can answer your questions about ductless systems, forced air systems, water treatment, hydronic heating systems, and central air conditioning. We also have world-class technicians and experience you can rely on.

Serving Orange County since 1945, WK Mechanical, Inc. is your local heating and cooling specialist. We can offer you the best cooling systems for your older home. Contact us today for more information!

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