December 2, 2022

We have already gotten a taste of winter weather and it’s looking like this year we are going to see a wet and icy winter with temperatures bouncing back and forth from very cold to warmer than normal. With this type of unpredictable weather pattern, you’ll want to do all you can to stay ahead of old man winter.

Prevent potential issues winter may bring, by preparing with these tips from your heating & cooling comfort pros at WK Mechanical:

  • Icy winter storms can really weigh down Tree Branches making them vulnerable. Prevent roof leaks, downed power lines and other potential issues by keeping your trees pruned.
  • Make sure that you turn off all outdoor Water Spigots and disconnect and drain all Garden Hoses after use. It may be wise to also shut off the valve inside the house to protect your pipes
    from bursting.
  • If high heating bills are of a major concern, consider Adding Insulation to walls, garages, and attics. Properly insulated homes enjoy more indoor comfort and energy savings
  • If you have a water heater that is older and you are not yet ready to replace it, consider wrapping it with an Insulation Blanket designed to fit your tank. You can greatly reduce your
    heat loss and save on your energy bills as well!
  • A Change In Your Thermostat but just one degree can reduce your heating bills by 1 percent (so long as you maintain the change for at least eight hours). So, if you normally keep your thermostat dialed in at 73 degrees during the winter months, bump it down to 72 and see if you notice the difference.
  • The change of seasons is a great time to Replace the Air Filters in all your HVAC equipment including your humidifier.
  • Clear the space around your indoor HVAC equipment. Clutter around HVAC equipment is a safety hazard and can make your equipment run less efficiently.
  • Check your boiler for leaks. Take care of small leaks as soon as you become aware of them to avoid a small issue from becoming a big one.
  • Update cracked, old, or dried caulking around your windows and doors. Not only will this help to prevent drafts, but it will also save you money on your utility bills.
  • Keep your gutters & downspouts clear of any debris. Remember, you want water to be diverted away from your home.


Finally, and most importantly, if you have not already done so, schedule your heating system for its Annual Maintenance. It is a great way to keep your system running efficiently. To make it easier, we’ve created The WK Comfort Club, find out more on our website and then join the club, The WK Comfort Club!

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