July 28, 2020

During the summer months when the weather is HOT, many families will begin their annual feud over the thermostat.

Homeowners who place a premium on comfort will lower the temperature on their central air conditioning to keep their home at their ideal cool temperature.  Other homeowners who worry about their utility bills will argue that if they keep the temperature set to a few degrees higher, you can save some money.

So how do you come to an agreement that keeps everyone is happy?  Can you find a temperature that leaves your home not too hot, and not too cold but just right?

We’ve got a few pointers:

First keep in mind that every degree counts. You can save approximately 3% on your utility bill for every degree you raise the temperature on your central air conditioner.  So it makes sense to experiment to see if you can reach some common ground.  If you normally have your thermostats set to a constant 75, try 76 for a few days and see if you notice a difference.  Changing the temperature a degree at a time can help you find a temperature that is just right for all.

You can also utilize ceiling fans in any room where they are installed.  If like your home on the cool side, while the rest of the family prefers it a bit warmer, keep your ceiling fan running while setting the thermostat to a bit of a higher setting and see if that strikes a compromise.  This can also help to save you money as ceiling fans utilize less electricity than a central or room air conditioner.

Aren’t sure where to begin?  To keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low try setting your thermostat to these temperatures: 78 degrees when everyone is home, changing it to 82 degrees while the family is sleeping and then up to 85 when you are away or no one will be home for an extended period of time.  Try this for a few days and if you find you are not comfortable, make adjustments one degree at a time until you find a good compromise.

If your Air Conditioner just can’t seem to keep your family comfortable, WK Mechanical may be able to help. A member of our team will be standing by to assist you and set up an appointment if necessary.

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