Heating in Monroe, NY, is integral to the comfort and safety of every home in the area. Nighttime temperatures often drop into the teens and below. Summer isn’t anything to scoff at either. High humidity levels often make mid-80s temperatures feel much worse than they seem on paper.

    People spend so much time indoors in this area that inadequate cooling and poor indoor air quality are a real concern. That’s why having the right equipment and keeping it clean is so important. For the expertise and attention to detail you deserve, WK Mechanical, Inc. is the company to trust.

    Premier Heating Services in Monroe

    Keeping warm in this region isn’t just a matter of comfort. It’s a safety issue. Most homeowners in this area have heaters that burn natural gas or fuel oil. Hot water and steam boilers with radiators are popular. If you need a new heater, this is a great time, as there are now condensing units that are 95% efficient. Learn more about our heating services.

    With fuel-burning appliances, there are other safety concerns as well. Every home requires carbon monoxide detectors. You also need a seasonal tune-up sometime in fall prior to having to run your heat. This is to ensure the unit is exhausting properly and that the pilot light and burner are clean and functioning well.

    Here are some of the heating services that we provide:
    The benefits of a modern heater include:
    • Improved air quality
    • Better winter humidity levels
    • Reduced gas or oil consumption
    • Faster and more consistent heat

    Superior Cooling System Services

    Home cooling in Monroe may be more of a luxury than a necessity. Still, more homeowners are adding air conditioners to ensure they are comfortable year-round. Mini-split ACs are particularly popular as they’re affordable and small in scope. It’s easy to add them to bedrooms for cool sleeping temperatures. You can also expand these systems to cover living rooms, home theaters and home offices.

    If you want consistent cooling throughout your entire home, central air is an option. If you already have a forced-air furnace, then central air is a relatively simple upgrade. You already have the needed ductwork in place. It’s just a matter of adding the AC unit.

    Here are some of the cooling services that we provide:

    Maintain Optimal Indoor Air Quality

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a top health risk. It’s particularly problematic in an area like Monroe where homes are well-sealed and you spend so much time inside. Sometimes, correcting poor IAQ is as simple as installing a whole-house ventilation fan that provides the fresh air you need.

    Many homeowners opt for whole-house air purification, too. It’s great for family members who have asthma or bad allergies. It’s also an effective way to combat indoor pollution in general. That includes odors, large and fine particulate matter, chemicals, gases and much more.

    The upside to improved IAQ includes:
    • Less dust
    • Reduced pollen
    • More restful sleep
    • Fewer gases, such as volatile organic compounds

    Achieving the EPA-recommended 30% to 50% relative humidity (RH) is also a consideration. A dehumidifier in summer and a humidifier in winter can make you breathe easier. They can also make your HVAC systems a lot more efficient.

    WK Mechanical, Inc. is here for all your home comfort needs. Call us today or reach out to us online with any questions or to schedule an appointment for our cooling or heating services in Monroe.

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