WK Mechanical, Inc. specializes in residential and commercial heating and cooling in Goshen, NY. Our mission is to keep you comfortable year-round and help you breathe healthy air. We have NATE-certified technicians who install and replace all HVAC heating and cooling and indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment. Our team performs the routine maintenance that will save you money and hassles. If you experience a sudden fault or failure, we’re here to help. Our repair technicians are available around the clock on weekends and holidays.

    We opened our doors more than 30 years ago and have been a trusted name ever since. WK Mechanical, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to earn you as our next loyal and long-time customer.

    Goshen Heating and Cooling Repair

    We encourage our customers to call us when they notice anything concerning. HVAC problems usually won’t go away on their own and only become more expensive to fix. The sooner we get to the issue, the less costly it will be.

    Rising energy costs are often the first sign you need our HVAC or IAQ services. We recommend that homeowners track their energy consumption month to month and year to year. If a spike occurs, you’ll spot it right away and know to call us.

    Watch out for cold and warm spots in rooms and a temperature difference between floors of 2 degrees or more. Don’t ignore excessive dust accumulation. You should also contact us if you are experiencing unusual noises, unpleasant smells, and frequent circuit breaker tripping.

    HVAC and IAQ Installation

    This is a great time to consider upgrading your heating, cooling, and IAQ equipment. The industry has made fantastic strides in energy efficiency. The Department of Energy (DOE) updated its standards for 2023 to reflect those innovations. It estimates that modern systems are at least 8% more efficient than those made a decade ago.

    Exciting ways exist to help reduce your installation costs. The federal government offers rebates and tax credits, and additional rebates are available for ENERGY STAR equipment. Many local utility companies are offering rebates in addition to programs through which you can save.

    Our technicians install:
    • Boilers
    • Furnaces
    • UV lamps
    • Mini-splits
    • Air purifiers
    • Heat pumps
    • Air conditioners

    Schedule a Seasonal Tune-Up

    We recommend scheduling an air conditioner or heat pump tune-up in spring before you run your cooling system. Likewise, schedule a furnace, heat pump, or boiler tune-up in the fall before you turn on your heater. The DOE estimates that annual tune-ups can save you up to 15% in summer and 8% in winter.

    You can schedule IAQ services at the same time. Having us inspect your ducts and clean and seal them as needed is a good idea. If you have a whole-house air purifier, cleaning it and swapping out filters is important. If you have UV lamps in the ducts, you need to swap those out about once a year.

    WK Mechanical, Inc. is proud to be Goshen’s premier choice for heating and cooling. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment or send us any questions about our services.