March 25, 2020

Right now while many of us are spending more time at home; you want to make sure that your environment provides clean air to all who are living there.  A Whole-House Purification system can help make sure that with every breath you and your family take, you are breathing in cleaner, healthier air.  If you are wondering what solutions an air purification system can provide, take a look below.

Whole Home Solutions For Air Purification
Destroy Germs

This is certainly something in the forefront of everyone’s mind these days.  We want to rid our home environments of any and all germs we can.  A whole-home air purification solution has the ability to remove and potentially destroy infectious bacteria, viruses and other living microorganisms.

Attack Odors
No one wants cooking fumes or pet odors to overtake your indoor environment.  An air purification solution can help to destroy common household smells as well as odors related to painting supplies or cleaning solvents.

Removes Fine Particles
For families who suffer from allergies, the ability for an air purification system to remove fine particles is important.  A whole-home air purification solution can rid your homes of mold spores, pollen, dust and pet dander.

Our whole-home solutions can work with most heating and cooling systems so healthier air is within your reach.  If you want to learn more about Air Purification systems, we encourage you to give WK Mechanical, a call at 845-764-9974. For a limited time we are offering 15% off Air Purification Systems and financing options may also be available.

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