October 20, 2020

An ultraviolet water treatment system utilizes physical processes to eliminate contaminants. Studies indicate that the method is 20,000 times more effective than boiling your drinking water. Here are 10 reasons why you should opt for a UV water treatment technique.

1. Improves Water’s Taste and Smell

Typically, UV water purification removes chlorine from untreated water. The filters get rid of the chemicals that make water unpleasant. After the process, you can expect your drinking water to have a great taste and smell.

2. Cost Effective

You only need 60 watts of power to treat your water at home. The UV system doesn’t consume a lot of power, making it energy-efficient. At the end of the month, you won’t pay for high utility costs. You’ll save a lot of money as compared to boiling water to remove impurities.

3. Free of Chemicals

The water treatment system uses UV light instead of chlorine to purify your water. Since it is a physical process, there are no chemicals that you will drink. Your mind will be at peace knowing that you are getting safe water. That means no toxic chemicals that could potentially harm your family or workers. Besides, you don’t have to handle chlorine or store it.

4. Minimal Maintenance and Upkeep

The system is simple, so you don’t have to monitor it constantly. Once a professional installs the water filters, the equipment only needs annual maintenance on the UV lamp. You don’t have to worry about pricey tune-ups since the water treatment unit isn’t complicated. Plus, you can rest easy since the mechanism works with sheer simplicity. The process is straightforward, and you can get your water instantly.

5. Doesn’t Damage Pipes

The primary reason why UV water treatment doesn’t damage pipes is that it doesn’t use chemicals. Therefore, you can relax since the system won’t experience any leakages or corrosion. Thus, you won’t incur costs that come with repiping because of burst pipes. You will access your water seamlessly without any inconveniences.

6. Eliminates All Microbes

UV purification systems remove 99.99% of microbes in your drinking water. Therefore, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa won’t be present in water. The germicidal lights kill all the microorganisms that cause water-borne diseases. You and your loved ones will be safe from germs that make you ill. The good news is that UV light renders the microbes sterile so that they won’t reproduce. Thus, the chances of water getting a re-infection are low since the method is effective.

7. Reliable Means

You can utilize a UV water treatment system 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Water filters are dependable since they won’t easily malfunction. Therefore, you will drink clean and safe water throughout the year. A professional can wash and replace the filters when they get dirty or clogged. The good news is that we at WK Mechanical, Inc. are always available if you need our help.

8. Immediate Disinfection

With a UV water treatment system, you don’t need tanks for storing your water. Thus, you save money that you could have used to buy storage tanks. The process is instant with built-in taps that you can use to access water. You only need to turn on the electricity and the knob of the tap to get clean water. Plus, the purification process is quick, and within a short time, you will be drinking quality water. You can use external bottles to store water if you have a large family.

9. FDA Approved

The use of UV lights to treat water is FDA-approved, meaning that it is a safe method. Therefore, you can disinfect water at home without the fear of getting in trouble with the law. In addition, the technique assures you and your family of high-quality water. Ultraviolet lights eliminate all contaminants that water has.

10. User Friendly

Once we install the water purification system, we’ll guide you on how to use it. You’ll notice that it is easy to use. The best part is that you don’t have to add anything to your water that needs measurement. The process is as simple as powering on your electricity.


At WK Mechanical, Inc., we have NATE-certified technicians who can install the UV water treatment system for you. We serve both residential and commercial clients in the area. Contact us today to book an appointment for the exceptional service. We also offer heating and cooling services and services for heating pumps and ductless systems for our customers in Middletown and the rest of Orange County, NY.

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